Wajib Act of Salaat

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Wajib Act of Salaat

Post by ILMAdmin on Thu Feb 15, 2007 1:43 pm

As you already know, Salaat is made up of different parts. In this lesson, first you will come to know the list of the Wajub acts of Salaat.

There are 10 things which are in the Salaat:

The intetion to perform a particular Salaat, 'Qurbatan ilallah'

2.Takbiratul Ehram:
The first 'Allahu Akbar' in Salaat.

Recitations during the Qiyam.

Bending from the waist.

Two Sajdahs:
Prostration with knees, palms and toes touching the ground.

The recitations during Ruku and Sajdahs.

10.Tartbi and Muwalat:
The Salaat is like a building which is made up of many parts: Some of these parts form the foundation of the building, while others are just built upon the foundation. If the foundation gives way, then the whole building will collapse.

In the same way, the wajib acts of Salaat which are divided into two categories:
Rukn and Ghayr Rukn.

Rukn means those parts of the Salaat which are its foundation. Ghayr Rukn means these parts of the Salaat which are not considered as its foundation.

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