An Introduction to Aqaed

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An Introduction to Aqaed

Post by ILMAdmin on Mon Feb 09, 2009 2:33 pm

An Introduction to Aqaed
􀃆 Aqaed means basic beliefs. As Muslims, we refer to it as Usul ud-Deen, that
is, Roots of Religion.
A Muslim is required to firmly believe in Usul ud-Deen, using his own power of
understanding and judgment.
We have to ponder over and have firm conviction over our Aqaed at our own
individual level. As these basic beliefs are discussed and explained, it is
important that you accept them as your own, and lead your life based on them;
otherwise your faith (Iman) shall remain incomplete.
There is no Taqlid in matters of Aqaed. Once a person accepts the Usul ud-Deen,
he/she may then do Taqlid of a Mujtahid in the matters of Furu ud-Deen
(Branches of Religion).
With a strong belief through the knowledge of Aqaed, the rules of Sharia shall be
easier to understand and follow. Similar to the tree, when the roots are strong and
firm, the branches will be strong also.
Our Aqaed as Shia Ithna Ashari are:
1. Tawheed
2. Adalah
3. Nabuwwah
4. Imamah
5. Qiyamah
Tawheed - Belief in the Oneness of Allah (SWT)
The first step towards understanding Tawheed, which is the basis of Islam, lies in
the uncompromising belief that Allah (SWT), the One True God, exists.
What does this mean? Who is Allah (SWT)?
How can we understand what He wants from us?
How can we know Him? How can we see His signs?
In order to answer these questions and understand Tawheed further, we shall look
at how, as human being with the capability of acquiring knowledge, we can
recognize the Absolute Creator of the Universe.

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