Roots of Idol Worship

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Roots of Idol Worship

Post by ILMAdmin on Mon Feb 09, 2009 2:11 pm

Roots of Idol Worship
In today’s world, idol worshipping still continues despite efforts made to get rid
of this senseless idea. Take a minute to think about how a person can worship an
object that he made himself? Can he bow down to something that he created with
his own hand?
Even as a child, when he makes something, he knows that it is his. If he pleases,
he stores it in a safe place otherwise, he breaks it. The same applies to all human
beings. Once you make something, you may do with it what you please; can you
apply the same idea with your God? Whom you worship? In front of whom you
bow down? Can you make and break your God as and when you please? Surely
Not! Then, what is the root of this belief?
From the very early days of mankind, Man with the intellect given to him,
thought about all the wonderful natural things around him such as trees and its
fruits, animals, oceans and mountains, stars, etc. and wondered where all this had
come from. Who has created them?
Sometimes he was frightened due to floods, lightening, earth quakes, etc. which
destroyed property and lives and therefore Man felt the need to know what the
power behind all these natural events was.
He felt that there must be a higher power which can regulate and solve the
problems of the world. In his desperate search to relate to a higher power,
anything that man found as strange, unusual, bizarre, wonderful and/or out of
reach of his limited intelligence, he took it as being THE GREATER POWER
and needed to worship it.
So he started imagining how these greater powers would look like and
constructed idols, statues and drew pictures of them according to his imagination.
Then he started worshipping these physical forms (idols) of the higher powers.
Strange stones and large trees also became gods for them. They had gods for
different days, weeks and months adding up to hundreds, all of which were
The rich people encouraged idol worshipping as they made money from idols,
statues and the pictures. This way they became richer and more powerful. As a
result of idol worshipping, people forgot the real Creator of this world. They
became sinful and corrupt. Because, if they worship idols and statues, who makes
the law? Not the idols! And if there is no law, people become corrupt mentally,
spiritually and socially.

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