97-Year-Old Alive 8 Days After Quake

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97-Year-Old Alive 8 Days After Quake

Post by SLAdmin on Thu Mar 22, 2007 9:38 am

Recently, a 97 year old woman was rescued alive 8 days after the devastating Iran earthquake. To show the power of Allah, He sometimes preserves those who are most vulnerable to die. Many healthy people died under the rubbles whereas she lived for 8 days without any food or drinks.

In this world, there are man-made laws and there are laws given by Allah. When man-made laws are broken, such as a person crosses red trafic light, then disasters take place. Similarly, mankind bring disasters to themselves when the laws of Allah are broken. That is why earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc take place to bring mankind back towards Allah.

Below is an article from AP about the woman who survived.

97-Year-Old Quake Victim Rescued in Iran
By MATTHEW PENNINGTON, Associated Press Writer, Jan 3, 2004.

BAM, Iran - For nearly nine days after an earthquake demolished her city, 97-year-old Sharbanou Mazandarani lay trapped under furniture and crumbled masonry, passing fear-filled days and cold nights with death all around.

But with nearly a century of life behind her, Mazandarani was not ready to give up. And on Saturday, elated rescuers pulled her out of the rubble alive and amazingly, unhurt.

"God kept me alive," the petite, wrinkled Mazandarani said as she lay on a bed in a makeshift hospital in Bam, covered to her chin with a blue blanket and a brown print scarf tied around her head.

Rescuers said she asked for a cup of tea soon after her rescue and then complained it was too hot to drink.

Normally people can survive up to three days in the rubble of an earthquake. It was unclear whether Mazandarani had food or water while she lay trapped under the ruins.

Search dogs located Mazandarani under a collapsed building and it took three hours of digging to recover her.

"No one expected her to be alive. It's a miracle," provincial government spokesman Asadollah Iranmanesh said.

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