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Arabia is a large country whose area is three million square kilometres.
From olden times this land was divided into three regions. These were
Hijaz, the Arabian Desert and Yemen.
Geography Box – Map of Arabia in Olden Times
The largest city in Hijaz was Makka and its history dated from the time
when Prophet Ibrahim (A) built the Holy Ka'ba with the help of his son
Prophet Isma'il (A). Prophet Isma'il (A) settled in Makka. From his
descendants there were many Arab tribes. The most famous was the
1. Divide the map of Arabia
into the three regions.
Shade each region with a
different coloured pencil.
Don’t forget to fill in the key.
2. Mark on the map of
Arabia the cities of Makka,
Madina and Abwa.
�� - Hijaz
�� - Arabian Desert
�� - Yemen
Tareekh Page 5.3
Before the coming of Islam, the Arabs had many bad habits. Some of
these were:
1. They were very quick to start fights and even wars for very small and
silly reasons. Some families fought for fifty to hundred years, until they
even forgot what the original quarrel was all about.
2. They did not have law and order. The stronger tribes would think
nothing of robbing and killing the weaker ones.
3. They believed in hundreds of gods, and built little idols to worship. In
the Holy Ka'ba alone, they put 365 idols - one for each day of the year.
4. Women were treated very badly.
5. One of the most horrible customs of the Arabs was to bury their
daughters alive. If they heard that a daughter had been born to them,
they would get very angry and take the baby and put her in a grave and
cover it up.
The Arabs, however, also had some good qualities. These were as
1. They never broke a promise and regarded this to be a great sin.
2. They had great skill in horsemanship and archery.
3. They were brave people and never ran away from the enemy in war.
4. They were very good in the art of poetry and had sharp memories that
enabled them to remember long verses and speeches by heart.
These good qualities were especially found in the family of Adnaan, who
himself was a descendant of Prophet Isma'il (A).
The descendants of Adnaan were very generous. They believed in one
God as taught by Prophet Ibrahim (A). Their poetry and speech was better
than all others were. Our Holy Prophet (S) was from this noble family. He
was from the clan of Bani Hashim, which was part of the tribe of Quraish.
Tareekh Page 5.4
In the Holy Qur’an, Allah describes the feelings of some of the Arabs when
a daughter was born to them. This is in Surah an-Nahl (the Bee), verses
58 and 59. Find these verses and write the translation below.
Now you know…
♦ Hijaz is a region of Arabia; its capital was Makka.
♦ The Quraish was the main Arab tribe in Makka. They were the
descendants of Prophet Isma’il (A).
♦ Before Islam, the Arabs had many bad habits: they were quick to start
fights, they hand no law and order, they were idol worshippers, and
they treated women badly and buried their daughters alive.
♦ The Arabs had some good qualities: they never broke their promises,
they were very brave and had skill in horsemanship and archery and
they were brilliant poets.
♦ The family of Adnaan had the best qualities. They were generous, the
best in poetry and they believed in one God.
♦ The Holy Prophet (S) was from the clan of Bani Hashim, which was
part of the tribe of Quraish.

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