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The Holy Prophet (S) lived in the desert with Halimah for five years and
she looked after him very well. During this time he learnt about handling
animals and also trained in archery. In this happy atmosphere he grew up
strong and healthy. Halimah regarded him as very special, because ever
since he had come under her care, she was showered with the blessings
of Allah and became rich.
When he was five years old, Halimah returned the Holy Prophet (S) to the
care of his mother Lady Aamina. The young boy was very dear to his
grandfather Abdul Muttalib, because he reminded him of his son Abdullah.
Lady Aamina decided to go to Madina to visit the grave of her husband,
Abdullah, and also meet some of her relatives. She took the Holy Prophet
(S) along with her and stayed for one month. On the way back to Makka,
tragedy struck, and Lady Aamina fell ill at a place called Abwa. After a
short time she died and was buried there. The Holy Prophet (S) was now
an orphan and Abdul Muttalib took him under his wing. He loved his
grandson very much and made sure that he did not feel unwanted. The
Holy Qur'an mentions this event as follows:
In the Name of Allah, the Most Kind, the Most Merciful
Did He not find you an orphan and give you shelter?
(Suratu Dhuha, 93:6)
The Holy Prophet (S) was only eight years old when he lost his
grandfather. Before his death, Abdul Muttalib made his son Abu Talib
responsible for taking care of the young child.
This was a duty, which Abu Talib carried out fully for the rest of his life.
The loss of Abdul Muttalib made the Holy Prophet (S) very sad, and he
kept weeping upto the very edge of the grave and never forgot his
There were many reasons why Abdul Muttalib chose Abu Talib as the
guardian of the Holy Prophet (S). Abu Talib and Abdullah were born of the
same mother. He was also well known for his generous nature. He treated
the Holy Prophet (S) better than his own sons, and never let him feel
Tareekh Page 5.28
When the Holy Prophet (S) was twelve years old, Abu Talib took him on a
trade journey into Syria with a caravan of the Quraish. On the way they
passed through Madyan, the Qura valley and the country of Samud and
saw the beautiful natural scenery of Syria. The Holy Prophet (S) used to
say that this was one of the most pleasant trips he had ever been on.
At Basra, the caravan stopped to stock up supplies for the rest of the
journey. There was an old Christian monk whose name was Bahira, who
lived in an old monastery in Basra. The monk never used to speak but
when he saw the Holy Prophet (S), he broke his silence and asked, "Who
is this boy?" Abu Talib answered that he was his nephew. Bahira then
said, "This boy has a brilliant future. He is the same Prophet whose
coming has been foretold in the Heavenly Books. His religion will spread
throughout the world. However, you must guard him from the Jews,
because if they learn about him, they will kill him".
Some historians say that after this warning, Abu Talib did not like to
continue his journey and returned with the Holy Prophet (S) to Makka,
while others say that he went on to Syria but kept an extra watch over the
safety of the Holy Prophet (S). In any case, Abu Talib was more careful
than before about the safety of his nephew.
Some historians have written that the Holy Prophet (S) learnt about the
stories of the other Prophets and history from the Christian monk and that
is how he related them to the people in the form of the Holy Qur'an. This is
a shameful lie. It is difficult for one to believe that the Holy Prophet (S)
learnt all the stories from his short meeting with the Christian and
managed to remember everything for 28 years and then pretended that
the Holy Qur'an was revealed to him at the age of 40. The meeting with
Bahira served no real purpose except to make Abu Talib aware that his
nephew was a very special person.
Thus, the Holy Prophet (S) grew up in the household of Abu Talib, loved
and cherished by all. His aunt, Fatima binte Asad, the wife of Abu Talib
and mother of Imam Ali (A) looked after him as if he was her own son.
Tareekh Page 5.29
Now you know…
♦ When the Holy Prophet (S) reached the age of five, Halimah returned
him to the care of his mother Lady Aamina.
♦ Lady Aamina took the Holy Prophet (S) to Madina to visit the grave of
her husband, Abdullah, and to meet some of her relatives. However,
on the return journey she fell ill and died at a place called Abwa,
where she was buried.
♦ Orphaned, the Holy Prophet (S) was taken under the care of his
grandfather Abdul Muttalib. Sadly, when he was only eight years old
he also lost his grandfather.
♦ So, the responsibility of looking after the Holy Prophet (S) was
handed over to his uncle Abu Talib, who treated him better than his
own sons. His aunt, Fatima daughter of Asad also treated him well.
♦ At the age of twelve Abu Talib took the Holy Prophet (S) on a trade
journey with a caravan of the Quraish. At Basra, an old Christian
monk by the name of Bahira upon seeing the Holy Prophet (S)
inquired who he was. Abu Talib said that he was his nephew.
♦ Bahira said that this boy was the same Prophet mentioned in the
Heavenly Books. His religion would spread throughout the world.
However, if the Jews found him, they would kill him.
♦ From then on Abu Talib took special care of the Holy Prophet (S).

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