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When his sons were grown up, Prophet Aadam (A) thought that he would
appoint one of them as his successor. Allah told him to choose Haabil
because he was better than his brother. This made Qaabil very angry and
he told his father that he should be the one to succeed because he was
older than Haabil.
At last Prophet Aadam (A) told them to each make a sacrifice to Allah, and
the one whose sacrifice was accepted would be the more deserving one.
Haabil decided to sacrifice the best animal from his herd and he brought a
strong, healthy sheep. Qaabil thought to himself that since Allah would not
eat his crops, he did not have to sacrifice his best grain. So he brought
some spoilt corn to sacrifice.
Suddenly a fire came down from heaven and burnt the sheep to ashes
while the corn was left untouched. This meant that Haabil's offering had
been accepted while Qaabil's was rejected. Haabil thus became the
successor of Prophet Aadam (A).
Now Qaabil became jealous of his brother and
he began to hate him. He started to do evil
things and threatened to kill Haabil. Allah
mentions these events in the Holy Qur'an as
Narrate to them the story of the two sons of
Aadam. When each of them offered a sacrifice
to Allah, but it was accepted from one of them
and not accepted from the other. One of them
(Qaabil) said, "I will murder you", and the other
(Haabil) replied, "Allah only accepts from those
who guard (themselves against evil)."
Suratul Maa'idah, 5 : 27
Tareekh Page 5.51
Why is jealousy so evil? Relate your answer to the story of
Haabil and Qaabil?
Haabil loved his brother and tried his best to calm him
down. He told him, "O Brother, you have gone astray
from the right path and whatever intention you have in
your heart is sinful. Seek the forgiveness of Allah and
do not seek the punishment of Hell."
The words of his brother had no effect on Qaabil. He
had become proud and selfish. Finally, his jealousy
was too much for him to bear and one day he killed
When Haabil did not return home, Prophet Aadam (A) was very worried
and he asked Qaabil if he knew where his brother was. Qaabil replied
rudely, "Did you leave him in my care?" This reply made Prophet Aadam
(A) suspect that his son was dead and he was full of grief at the loss.
Meanwhile Qaabil did not know what to do with the body of his brother. He
put it in a sack and carried it on his back. He was ashamed of what he had
done and thought all night about what he should do with the body.
At this time Allah decided to guide this foolish and proud young man. Since
he was not worthy of receiving direct instructions from Allah, he had to
learn from a crow.
Allah sent down two crows before Qaabil. Qaabil saw that one crow killed
the other one. It then dug a hole in the ground with its beak and buried the
dead crow. After that it levelled the ground with its feet. Qaabil realised that
this was what he had to do, and with much sadness he buried the body of
his brother Haabil.
Prophet Aadam (A) and Lady Hawwa (A) missed Haabil very much
because he had been a good son. They prayed to Allah to give them
another son like him. At last their prayers were answered and they had a
son, Prophet Sheeth (A).
Qaabil went to settle in the east of Eden and became a fire-worshipper.
When the flood of Prophet Nuh (A) came, the descendants of Qaabil were
all drowned, and the world was populated by the descendants of Prophet
Sheeth (A).
Tareekh Page 5.52
Now you know…
♦ Allah told Prophet Aadam (A) to appoint Haabil as his successor. This
decision made Qaabil angry because he was the elder of the two
♦ To settle the dispute, Prophet Aadam (A) told his sons to each make
a sacrifice to Allah and the one whose sacrifice was accepted would
succeed him. Qaabil offered some spoilt corn (thinking that Allah
would not the corn) and Haabil offered a strong, healthy sheep.
Habil’s sacrifice was accepted.
♦ Qaabil became jealous of Haabil and he started to do evil things to
him. Eventually, Qaabil’s jealousy was too much for him and one day
he killed Haabil.
♦ Qaabil did not know what to do with the body of Haabil. Allah sent two
crows to guide him. One crow killed the other one; then it dug a hole
and buried the dead crow. Qaabil realised what he had to do.
♦ Prophet Aadam (A) and Lady Hawwa (A) missed Haabil very much.
They prayed to Allah for another son like him and soon their prayers
were answered. Lady Hawwa (A) gave birth to a third son whose
name was Prophet Sheeth (A).

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