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Prophet Idris (A) was the great-grandson of Prophet Sheeth (A) and was
born 100 years after the death of Prophet Aadam (A). He was the third
Prophet of Allah.
The Holy Qur'an says:
“And mention Idris in the Book (Qur'an). He was a truthful person
and a Prophet. And We raised him to a high station.”
Suratul Maryam, 19 : 56,57
Prophet Idris (A) used to tell the people to worship Allah and not to commit
sins. He was a clever man and taught the people many new skills:
At the time of Prophet Idris (A.) there was a cruel
king who had full control over the life and property
of the people. One day the king went out of his
capital for an outing.
Tareekh Page 5.55
If you were in the kings position would you have asked for Allah’s
forgiveness? Why?
On the way he saw a beautiful garden which he liked very much. He called
the owner and told him to hand over the garden to him. The owner, who
was a God-fearing man, replied that the garden supported his family and
he would not hand it over. The king offered to buy the land but the owner
refused. The king then returned to his palace in an angry mood.
The king's wife was a mean woman. When she heard what had happened,
she advised the king to call a few of his faithless friends as witnesses in
the court. She asked them to swear that the owner of the garden was no
longer a believer in God and furthermore, he was plotting against the king.
When these liars gave evidence in the court the owner was called and
accused of these crimes. Although he swore that he was innocent, the
king did not listen to him and killed him. He then took the dead man's land
for himself.
This murder by the greedy king displeased Allah and He commanded
Prophet Idris (A) to go to the king and say to him that, not only had he
killed a pious man, but he had stolen his land and left his family penniless.
Prophet Idris (A) was also commanded to tell the king that Allah would
punish him by taking his kingdom from him and destroy his capital and
cause the flesh of his evil wife to be eaten by dogs.
When Prophet Idris (A) brought this message to the palace, the king was
furious and he told him, "It is better that you leave before you are killed by
my hand." Prophet Idris (A) left, but the queen decided to send some men
after him and kill him.
Prophet Idris (A) learnt that his life was in danger so he left the town and
hid himself. He took shelter in a cave on a mountain and an angel used to
provide him with food. He prayed to Allah saying, "O Lord! Do not send
your blessings on this town."
Prophet Idris's (A) prayer was granted and Allah's punishment descended
on the king. He lost his throne and died a shameful death. His capital was
destroyed and his wife's flesh was eaten by wild dogs. The kingdom
passed into the hands of another cruel king.
Tareekh Page 5.56
Twenty years passed after the disappearance of Prophet Idris (A). During
this time not even a drop of rain fell and the people suffered terribly. They
realised that their troubles were due to the curse of Prophet Idris (A) and
they prayed to Allah to forgive them.
Allah accepted their prayers and sent Prophet Idris (A) back to the town.
People gathered all around him and promised that they would obey him
and worship Allah. He then prayed for rain and the drought ended.
Prophet Idris (A) guided his people for many years. He was one Prophet
who had the respect and love of all his people. Finally Allah raised him to
the heavens where he is alive even today.
�� If you want something in life you have to work for it and not cheat to
get it.
�� If you cause harm to someone, then one day someone will cause
harm to you as well.
�� ______________________________________________________
�� ______________________________________________________
Tareekh Page 5.57
Now you know…
♦ Prophet Idris (A) taught people to worship Allah. He was the first to
introduce the art of writing. He was also taught the people how to
make weapons for hunting and defence and how to stitch clothes.
♦ At the time of Prophet Idris (A) the cruel king in power unjustly
accused a pious man of not being a believer in God. He had the man
killed and then stole his land leaving his family penniless.
♦ Allah commanded Prophet Idris (A) to go to the king and tell him of
his sin, and that Allah would punish him severely. When Prophet Idris
(A) went and told him, the king was furious and threatened to kill him
if he did not leave. So, Prophet Idris (A) left, but the queen sent some
men after him to kill him.
♦ Prophet Idris (A) hid in a cave and prayed to Allah: “O Lord! Do not
send your blessings on this town.” Allah accepted Prophet Idris (A)
prayer and also punished the king. However, the kingdom passed on
to another cruel ruler.
♦ Twenty years passed and not a drop of rain had fallen on the town.
The people realised their mistake and prayed to Allah for forgiveness.
Prophet Idris (A) returned to them and prayed to Allah to end the
♦ Prophet Idris (A) had the love and respect of all his people. Allah
raised him to the heavans where he is alive even today.

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