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Nabuwwat (Prophethood)
Nabuwwat means Prophethood. It calls for the belief in the
Prophets sent by Allah from time to time to guide the people.
Allah sent 124,000 in all. Prophet Aadam (A) was the first
prophet and Prophet Muhammad (S) was the last prophet sent
by Allah.
Two men were travelling together and became friends. When they reached their
town, one of them invited the other to his house for dinner the next day. However,
he did not give him his address or phone number. His friend wanted to go to his
house for dinner, but how could he? He did not know how to get there.
When Allah created us, it was so that we should worship Him. If he had not sent
down Prophets (A) to guide us, how would we have known what to do to please
Him? It was because He wanted us to find Him, that He sent so many Prophets (A),
to teach and guide us.
Imaamat (Successors of the Prophet)
After the death of Prophet Muhammad (S) the duty of guiding the
Muslims was the responsibility of the Aimmah (AS). Allah chose 12
Aimmah (AS). Imam Ali (AS) was the first and Imam Mahdi (AS) is
the last Imam. By the will of Allah he is still alive today. He is the
Imam (AS) of our time.
One day a man made a very clever machine. Many people found the machine
useful and used it all the time.
Before he died, the man taught his student how to fix the machine if it ever got
spoilt. After his death, whenever the people had any questions about their
machines, they would go to the student, and he would always answer their
Similarly, although the Prophet (S) had brought all the laws of Islam, after his death
there needed to be someone who could answer the peoples’ questions. These were
the Aimmah (AS), who were chosen by Allah to carry on with the Prophet’s (S)
Fiqh Page 5.13
Qiyaamat (Day of Judgement)
Qiyaamat means the Day of Judgement or Resurrection.
The day, when everyone, will be brought back to life, to
account for their deeds. Then, according to their deeds,
they will be either be rewarded by being sent to Heaven or
punished by being sent to Hell.
There was a Muslim man who began to drink alcohol. He used
to do it secretly in his house. One day a small boy walked into
his room and saw him.
Now the man was terrified. Would the boy tell someone what he had seen? How
would the man face his family and friends in the mosque? He could not sleep at
nights as he worried about everybody finding out about his drinking.
What a strange man! He was more scared of a little boy than of Allah. Allah sees all
we do and there will be a day when we will have to account for all we have done.
That will be the Day of Judgement.

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