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It is very important to keep yourself clean. If you do not look after your body, you will
end up catching germs more easily, and this will make you unwell. You will leave a
bad impression on others, who will remain away from you. You will not feel fresh and
active, but will feel depressed and lazy. When you make yourself clean, neat and
tidy, you feel fresh and healthier. Try to keep clean at all times, but special attention
should be given when in the toilet, when eating food, and when getting ready to offer
How should you keep yourself clean?
When you go to the toilet, you MUST ALWAYS use water to clean yourself. If you
use tissue paper only then you will be Najis. This means that you will not be able to
touch the writing of Qur'an or pray Namaaz.
On leaving the toilet, it is your responsibility to leave it as
clean as, or cleaner than it was when you entered. You should
also wash your hands properly. This makes sure that all the
germs, which you can catch, are killed, and do not spread to
food, or other areas.
At home you should keep yourself clean by brushing your
teeth in the mornings and evenings, by washing your face
when you get up, and by taking a shower regularly.
Our Eighth Imam (a.s.) explained that:
To be pure and clean is amongst the habits of the Prophets.
When you are ready to eat, you should wash your hands so
that there is no dirt on them when you eat. It is also
recommended that your hands should be slightly wet when
eating. If your hands are dirty, you may swallow some dirt with
your food. This could be bad for you because you don't know
what you have touched during the day.
Allah says in the Holy Qur’an is Surah al-Baqarah (2:222)
... For God loves those who turn to Him constantly and He loves those who
keep themselves pure and clean.
You should clean your own room and try to wash your own dishes. If you see a
mess somewhere and you know that you did not do it, you should still try and clean it
up. This is important for public places like the Mosque or school. If everyone picks up
a bit of rubbish, or clears some mess, the place will be spotless and tidy and
everyone will benefit.
Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.w.) has said:

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