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Hospitality means to be polite to people
when they come to your house and to
treat them with respect.
How should we be polite?
There are many ways, some of them are:
a) If the guest is a Muslim, you can
start by saying SALAAMUN
b) You can speak in a low voice
instead of shouting.
c) You can offer the guest something
to drink.
d) You can just talk with the guest
and not leave him alone in a
strange room.
Why should we be polite to guests?
The reason why we should be polite to
guests is so that they fell happy. Allah
will be pleased with us and we will get
Thawaab. Our parents will also be pleased with us.
If you are polite towards guests and other people, they will come to respect you.
How should you behave when?
1. Someone comes to your house when you are tired and sleepy?
2. A friend visits you just when it is time for Maghrib?
3. It is dinnertime, and you have a guest?
4. Your cousin is spending the day with you, and he breaks one of your toys?
5. If someone did not have any hospitality, how would they behave?

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