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Post by ILMAdmin on Fri Feb 16, 2007 1:52 pm

This means to be mean and cold hearted. To be cruel is very bad, and is the
opposite of kindness.
If for example, something bad happens to someone, and instead of helping them out,
you laugh at them, then that is an example of being cruel.
Islam is a way of life based on kindness, and it is totally against cruelty.
In the time of the Holy Prophet (S), people used to tie up prisoners of war, whether
they were male or female. When the Holy Prophet (S) came back from the war-front,
he saw this and became very angry. He ordered the people to untie the prisoners
immediately and to give them water and food. He said that the ladies and children
should be kept under shade and should be looked after. After some of the prisoners
realized how fair and kind the Holy Prophet (S) was, they became Muslims.
This shows that the only way to show the beauty of Islam to the non-Muslims, is to
show them what Islam teaches us. Never be cruel, always be fair.

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