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Post by ILMAdmin on Fri Feb 16, 2007 1:49 pm

Haste means to do something in such a hurry that you are not thinking as clearly as
you could do. When you are hasty, then the chances are that you will make
If you take your time, and do things at a steady pace, then you will have a chance to
think about what you are doing, and so you will do it properly. But when you are in a
rush, then your mind is working very fast, and you might forget something, which will
cause a lot of problems later on.
There is a saying in English, that "Haste is waste."
This means that if you rush something, then you may forget a small point, which will
cause you even more bother than if you took your time and did the job properly in the
first place.
One of the most important things which you should never rush is your prayers. If you
hasten your prayers, then you will not be paying attention to Allah, and this shows
that you are ungrateful. Hurrying prayers also means that you will not gain as much
benefit from it.
Always take your time to do things. Think before you act. Do not take so much time
that you don't get anything done, but at the same time do not be so hasty that you
forget something, and then have to do it all again.
The main thing that you SHOULD make
haste in, is rushing to say prayers on time,
or Namaze Jamaat. If you hear Adhaan,
then you should rush to join the prayers.
What should you do if:
1. You are in the middle of your
prayers, and your cousins come
home to play.
2. You are doing your homework in your room, and you know that the FA Cup
Final is going to come on television in 10 minutes.
3. You are eating your food at the table, with your family, and your friend calls on
you to play.
What would a hasty person do in the above, and what could the results be.
What would a hasty person do in the above?

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