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Class 5 - Lesson 15
Allah says in the Holy Qur'an, Sura Bani Israil, verse 34:
"…Keep your promise; you will be questioned about it." (17:34)
The above ayat tells us that if we make a promise to someone than we have to fulfil
it as we will be asked about it on the day of Judgement.
Our first Imam, Imam Ali (A) has said that you should not make a promise at the very
outset if you cannot fulfil it and you should not undertake initially to perform a job
which is beyond your control. He further said that you should not make a promise
about which you are not certain whether it will be possible for you to fulfil it.
The above hadith tells us to think before we make a promise, will we be able to fulfil
it, if not then do not promise, there is no sin in that. Yet there is a sin in making a
promise and then breaking it.
Once a man was taken prisoner accused of attacking a Muslim, and revolting against
the government.
This man asked his prison officer if he would allow him to go and see his family, as
they did not know what had happened to him, if he promised to come back the next
The man said that he had not attacked anyone, nor had he revolted against the
government, he was totally innocent of all of the charges against him, but as he
believed in the mercy of Allah, he would not run away and promised to come back
early the next morning.
The prison officer was so taken back by the man's words that he agreed.
Only after the man had gone did the prison officer realise what he had done. What
would he tell the king?
That whole night the prison officer tossed and turned wondering how he was going to
tell the king that he had let the prisoner go.
Morning came. The man kept his promise and came back.
The prison officer surprised to see him asked him why he had come back and not
escaped when he had had the chance.
The man replied that he had promised to come back and could not break that
promise, as he would have to answer to Allah for that.
When the king was told of what had happened in the night, he realised that a man
with that much faith in Allah could not have committed the crimes he was accused of
and set the man free.
Akhlaq Page 5.20
Always remember that to fulfil a promise is important. No matter what it concerns
(big or small) or to whom it is made (Muslim or non-Muslim).
So think before you Promise!
Why did the prison officer let the man go?
Did the man keep his promise and why?
Why did the king let the man go free?
What is Wajib - to make a promise or to keep it?
What should you think of before you make a promise?
And what could the results be?

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